“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” —Yves Saint Laurent

As a child with a keen eye for styling and a knack for fashion, Foram Aslot loved reading fashion magazines and watching celebrity designers all day long. She would carefully observe cuts, fabrics, colours and form her design ideas. Her curiosity quickly turned into a passion as she graduated with a degree in Clothing & Textile. She then moved to Mumbai to study Fashion Marketing. The city of dreams helped plant the seed of entrepreneurship in Foram’s mind and today, she has successfully run her fashion studio for over 5 years now.

Growing up in Gujarat, the state’s culture left a deep impression on Foram. Her designs can be traced back to the roots of the Gujarati community she was brought up in. The traditional prints and patterns meet comfort and style at Foram Aslot’s design studio based out of Vadodara, Gujarat. “Such a harmony of style and comfort is hard to find and we keep coming back to Foram for this”, says Tanvi Mehta, one of Foram’s very first clients.

Foram’s rise in Gujarat’s fashion scene is backed by a family-like team with an iron-clad bond. Over the years, Foram has backed artisans of Ajrakhpur, Kutch and has forged everlasting relationships with the local community. She also hires women who’ve lost their kin and helps them stand on their feet. Foram’s deep sense of community and an understanding of human nature reflects in her designs and a long list of satisfied clients in India, and abroad.

Our Practice

Setting Industry Standards

As consumers become increasingly conscious about their purchases, we’re making attempts to be a more inclusive and sustainable business. Our products are handcrafted and unlike mass-produced fast fashion, we take special care to ensure that our resources are optimally used. We care about the world we live in and the people who live in it with us. A sizeable portion of your purchase helps us support the local indigenous community of Ajrakhpur, Kutch. It also helps empower women who have lost their kin to stand tall on their feet. We will continue to use our platform to make a positive difference for the people involved in the making of our clothes and goods.



Satisfied customers worldwide and growing

Our Fabrics

When you look at our designs, you’ll notice the use of colourful Ajrakh prints and silhouettes. Ajrakh is all about symmetrical patterns with unprinted sparkling white motifs on deep crimson red and indigo blue background fabric. Ajrakh patterns use complex geometry to create starry constellations in pastels like indigo, madder, black, and white across lengths of cloth.

The shapes and motifs of Ajrakh echo the architecture of intricate jali windows and trefoil arches. Such geometric patterns are created using fabric woodblock stamps.

At Foram Aslot, we use block printed natural dyed cotton sourced from artisans in Ajrakhpur, Kutch. We strongly believe in our artisans and a major portion of your purchase goes into helping this community thrive.

We look forward to providing our customers comfort and style together. Our use of 100% cotton, natural dyes and your love will prove a testament to that.

Happy Shopping!


Unless you’ve spent your time in a digital detox, you would know that traditional and contemporary fashion in India has had its evolution. Gone are the days when all the options you had for a function were crazy, heavy and downright uncomfortable. Foram Aslot is here to change that and her designs are all about being comfortable and looking fabulous at the same time! Our latest collection with some breezy silhouettes and pastels are here to give you a refreshing sense of style. Our asymmetrical silhouettes and cuts are unique in style and will help you stand out in the crowd.

Every customer is special for us, and hence every garment in our collection is tailor-made to perfection. The patterns, the design, the colours and the work on them is handmade. After all, you cannot manufacture loyalty.

Our Team

We at Foram Aslot take great pride in the fact that our team has not changed ever since we started this epic journey. 5 fingers make a fist and ours has always been a strong one. Throughout the journey, our team has faced many ups and downs, but we never left anyone behind.

In 5 years, a group of strangers have come to forge bonds like a second family, fueling Foram’s growth from a fresh graduate to a well-known fashion designer with a loyal client base. Meet our super team:

Kanu Bhai

A master tailor and head of the stitching team. He dreams for his children to study hard and stand on their own feet.

Hema Ben

One of the strongest women we’ve met in real life, Hema Ben is a widow and works hard as our studio caretaker and embroidery specialist. She lives an independent life and is an inspiration to all of us.


A fine craftsman under Kanu Bhai’s mentorship. Ajay’s dream is to own his own house one day.

Saryu Ben

No one is as graceful as Saryu Ben at handwork. Our handwork specialist is best friends with hook eyes, buttons, and tassels. Like Hema Ben, she is also a widow and a strong pillar of our studio.

Prakash Bhai

Our blouse expert, Prakash Bhai always has our back with the most difficult and intricate blouse work.

Saroj Ben

Our bharat-work specialist, Saroj Ben is hardly a stranger to Kacchi bharat, Saadu bharat and Rabari bharat work. Her enthusiasm and dedication to detail is always loved by our clients.

Shiraj Bhai

One of the best khatla work artisans we’ve met, Shiraj Bhai’s skills remain unmatched in our years of experience.